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Short Sales

Our Lawyers Are Honest and Tell You Everything You Need To Hear.

Although our firm has the skill and resourcefulness to help many people negotiate favorable loan modifications and other types of mortgage workouts, this approach is not right for every homeowner or investor. For personal attention, beginning with a free consultation in which a balanced, proven lawyer will hear you out on problems and goals, please contact our firm.

Considering Your Best Interests from All Legal and Financial Avenues

In some cases, typically when a new loan on new terms will not help you because of the property’s current market value, we may be able to help you complete a short sale in order to:

  • Minimize short-term damage to your financial well-being and credit standing
  • Free you from an obligation you do not want to keep, given current property values and a thorough assessment of your overall situation
  • Limit or eliminate your future financial exposure

You may have had the misfortune, like countless others, to have purchased Central Florida real estate — whether a home, condo, commercial building or other investment property — at the peak of the market and since watched its market value plunge. This is one of many situations when our attorneys can be a tremendous asset, as we are familiar with a broad community of investors and real estate agents that may be integral for completing a short sale that makes sense for you.

The Frank Guidance and Responsiveness You Need from an Attorney

One critical strength of our firm is attorney Justin R. Clark‘s willingness to tell you everything you may need to hear — not just what you may want to hear. We base our recommendations on a firm grasp of your overall situation, rather than falling back consistently on one preferred solution or strategy. Mr. Clark will take the time to know you and your priorities well, and offer legal guidance based directly on our understanding of your goals.

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