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Central Florida HOA Disputes

We Represent Everyone From Individuals To Families. 

Any dispute between an individual and Florida homeowner’s association (HOA) has the potential to become complex and highly adversarial. As with other governing and regulatory bodies, it can be important to remember that people, with distinct personalities, ultimately make decisions. We know that an HOA dispute may arise from personality conflict as well as a real issue over fees or adherence to policies. Contact Us »

You can consult with us free and begin learning your legal options, whether your HOA dispute involves a fee dispute or a claim that you have violated some policy or aspect of your contractual relationship. You can trust our trial-proven real estate attorneys, led by Justin R. Clark, to calmly and thoroughly assess your situation with your goals and best interests constantly in view.

Putting Legal Credibility and Knowledge on Your Side

Florida condominium, community and homeowner’s associations are often “mini-governments” with a lot of power — but that power is not unlimited. Engaging in a dispute may not only threaten your place of residence, but it may become extremely time-consuming, stressful and personal. Because the ultimate stakes are high, you may be best served by hiring a knowledgeable real estate lawyer rather than seeking dispute resolution through the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR).

Careful Analysis Targeting Sound Decisions and Positive Results

At Justin Clark & Associates, PLLC, we can:

  • Thoroughly analyze covenants, contracts and other documents relevant to your HOA dispute
  • Move in on your behalf to open more productive negotiations with a problem HOA president or other party to your dispute
  • Help clarify what may be involved in some form of alternative dispute resolution — such as mediation or arbitration — as an alternative to either defending or filing a lawsuit and engaging in a potentially costly courtroom battle

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