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Central Florida Loan Modifications

Skilled, Determined Real Estate Lawyers at Your Service

You have options if you are facing foreclosure on a Central Florida home or other property. However, the time you have to take productive action is limited, and the sooner you find a skilled real estate lawyer with the determination and resources to move forward on a mortgage workout or other solid plan, the better your chances of a successful outcome. Contact Us »

Foreclosure Defense for People in a Wide Range of Financial Circumstances

Working actively for homeowners, commercial property owners, and investors, we are persistent in pressing your bank or other mortgage lender for the very best workout terms possible. It is important to recognize that:

  • Loan modifications — are practical and within reach for many people — as when you need to move from a variable rate mortgage to a locked-in rate that will make it possible for you to catch up and keep up.
  • Depending on your equity situation, we may be able to tap our connections in real estate finance to help you work something out with a new lender willing to refinance.
  • We have the skills and resources to conduct a thorough TILA audit if you feel laws may have been violated or you were deceived by your lender.

Targeting Positive Outcomes Through Skilled, Informed Negotiation

We have extensive, relevant knowledge of the ability and willingness of lenders to offer various forms of mortgage workouts. Recently, more structured programs have become available to help people stay in their homes. This possibility is also driven by the interests of the lender, who may already be dealing with many foreclosed properties and may look favorably on a valid mortgage workout proposal.

Whether you are searching for a solution that will save your family home or trying to arrive at a sound plan for restructuring your real estate investments, please contact us for a free consultation. Our legal team will diligently evaluate your individual situation, putting our skills and business connections to work on a real, workable solution that can enable you to move forward in life.

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