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Immigration Law

Proudly Advising our Immigration clients with:
Immigration Law, or any Important Citizen Dispute.

At the Justin Clark & Associates, PLLC., you will receive quality personal service, dedicated to achieving your goals. Your options will be carefully and professionally analyzed and explained. If you have an immigration issue, you know that time is of the essence. To arrange a professional consultation, give us a call at (321) 282-1055 or contact us.


If you are seeking asylum in the United States, it is essential to consult an experienced lawyer with a comprehensive knowledge of immigration and naturalization law…
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Business Services

Allows talented and hardworking foreigners the ability to have gainful employment within the U.S. and gives American companies the opportunity to hire employees who are truly qualified for their jobs…
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A person may become a US Citizen after 3 or 5 years with a Green Card, marriage to a US Citizen, or deriving citizenship from a family member…
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Deportation Defense

Our goal is to keep you in the United States. There are various forms of relief that are available to those that the U.S. government seeks to keep out of the United States…
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Green Cards

For many immigrants to the US, a Greencard brings with it the freedom to travel unrestricted to the US, freedom to live and work in the US legally as long as you want…
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Family Petitions

For many, coming to the United States is a dream come true. Bringing loved ones to the U.S. after you have established legal residency or citizenship completes that dream…
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Investor Visas

Investment-based immigration has a tremendous effect on the U.S. economy, job creation, and innovation on local, state, and national markets…
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Marriage & Fiance Visas

Permits the spouses or fiancés of U.S. citizens to lawfully enter and reside in the United States…
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Work Visas

Wish to extend your stay by adjusting your status to a tourist visa? Expired? Here with a student visa or with a professional athlete or performer visa? We can help…
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