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Debt Settlement A Bad Alternative To Bankruptcy!

Debt settlement a bad alternative to bankruptcy!

Debt settlement isn’t the Wild West industry it was a decade ago, when people routinely paid hefty upfront fees to companies that failed to deliver any relief. Thanks to increased regulation and enforcement, the much smaller number of settlement companies…

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Man Sends Severed Finger To IRS!

Man Sends Severed Finger to IRS!

Most people dream about giving the finger to the IRS, but authorities said a Washington state man actually did it. Norman Lariviere, 68, of Olympia, was charged Monday for allegedly mailing a fake bomb to IRS workers in Ogden, Utah…

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A Change To Millions Of Credit Reports

A Change To Millions of Credit Reports

Starting July 1, the three major credit agencies — Experian, Equifax and TransUnion — are dropping certain negative information from credit reports, including tax liens and civil judgments. According to FICO, out of the 200 million Americans with credit scores,…

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